How can a bank remotely onboard 1 mln customers in 1 year
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Ruben Sagoyan

How can a bank remotely onboard more than 1 million customers in 1 year

The digital transformation of the remote identification process at Eurasian bank went fast and smoothly thanks to Oz Forensics’ Oz Biometry and Oz Liveness solutions


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Oz Biometry

face matching solution for identity verification.

Oz Liveness

a solution to prevent attacks on biometrics. Both solutions are server-based.


1 million

More than 1 million clients were successfully onboarded and protected from all the fraud attacks in a 1 year thanks to Oz Forensics’ solutions.


The 0,5 % of biometrics attacks the bank has faced have been successfully resolved by the Liveness and Biometry solution

72 %

72% of all lending is done through remote biometric identification in the bank’s mobile app by Q4 2022.

The client noted: Oz Forensics makes all the process of digitalization and integration of biometric layers of security fast and smooth.

About Eurasian Bank

Eurasian bank is a socially important commercial bank of Kazakhstan with a 28-year history of development. It is one of the ten largest banks in the country in terms of assets, occupies a leading position in the retail banking market, provides a wide range of services to corporate clients and SMEs.


The bank belongs to the ecosystem of the ERG Group (one of the largest companies in the world in the field of mining and processing of mineral resources).

Eurasian Bank interior
Rubennn Sagoyan

It’s safe and fast, you only need to enter IIN and phone number, pass Liveness check, we get the rest of the information from state databases.

A car loan, a cash loan, a consumer loan, an installment card – everything is done remotely.

With the transfer of processes online and implementation of Oz Forensics solutions more than 800 thousand customers have passed biometrics, in addition, we were able to reduce the cost of credit by 2.5%

Ivan Belokhvostikov

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at Eurasian Bank

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