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Use our powerful Liveness engine under the hood of your project rocket

We are the world’s leader in liveness technology development, and we know how our Liveness engine can be integrated with any third-party biometric solution for your exclusive benefit.


The program gives the advantage of adding a secure and accurate liveness detection engine to your best market offering if you are:

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Face biometric company

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Government identity provider

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System integrator

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Time attendance or time management software provider

Speed-up benefits


Quick start integration with NO additional cost

As easy as switching on the engine. Technical and sales support for all your projects at any stage.


Ready-to-use demo stand/
Developer’s sandbox

A tech spot for testing and pilot projects available 24/7. The access credentials are required.


Flexible branding and customization

Create your interface with your corporate style and necessary languages.


ISO compliance: a VIP pass to clients` trust and contracts

We confirm the security level of our solution by certifying the ISO-30107 Level 1 and 2 standards.


Truly white-label solution

Our technology is 100% under your rocket brand to enhance it.


Knowledge base

Quick access to the technical and sales documentation.

The force that empowers your business

Oz Liveness is an advanced algorithm that verifies the authenticity of a real person’s presence when taking a selfie. It detects many of the most common biometric spoofing and deepfake attacks, such as 3D and 2D masks, photos, or videos on a smartphone or a laptop.


Our technology is validated by the industry’s most rigorous testing standard, ISO 30107–3 iBeta level 1 and 2 certifications.

Liveness out-of-the-box

Use our technological advantages to grow your business faster

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SaaS, On-premise or On-device options with SLA 99% availability

SaaS, On-premise or On-device options with SLA 99% availability

Various software delivery options for your business goals.

iOS/Android and WEB SDK

iOS/Android and WEB SDK

Easy-to-integrate SDKs for different devices – for mobile applications on iOS/Android and websites.

Flexible interface customization

Flexible interface customization

Customizable design and branding interface for mobile applications on iOS and Android. Set the customer journey in your corporate style, and leave the issues of security and speed of Liveness checks to us.

No need to keep personal data

No need to keep personal data

There is no need to store clients’ personal data when using the On-device Liveness option. All the checks are done on clients` devices.

Face image quality ISO/IEC 19794-5, 29794-5

Face image quality ISO/IEC 19794-5, 29794-5

To improve the video capture process and provide the best video possible and better accuracy.

ISO 30107-3 iBeta Level 1 and 2 certification

ISO 30107-3 iBeta Level 1 and 2 certification

We provide our partners with high-security Confidence. ISO 30107-3 iBeta Level 2 certified Liveness protects your customers from biometric attacks by 100%.

Fast deployment and integration with REST API

Fast deployment and integration with REST API

Our solution is easy-to-integrate. It will take at least one day to install and integrate our software with a basic interface into your process. Simplicity and high speed of installation and implementation are achieved through REST API and Docker containers.

Speed 1000 RPS

Speed 1000 RPS

Develop your business with us at high speeds. The result of Liveness client detection is 1 second. The speed of obtaining Liveness analysis results reaches 1000 RPS. It allows providing high-frequency verification transactions.

Short video or One-image processing options for server

Short video or One-image processing options for server

These options are used for Liveness analyses on the server.
Short video is recommended for remote identification in regulated business sectors. Video is about 1 to 5 seconds, the size – 1 to 5MB, processing time: 1 – 5 seconds.
One-image processing option allows to speed up the process of obtaining the result by minimizing the traffic. Budget savings is an additional benefit of reducing disk space for image processing.

Horizontal scaling

Horizontal scaling

If you expect an increase in server peak load, you can horizontally scale our software, remaining at the same high level of system fault tolerance without increasing hardware costs.

Core technologies that led to high quality

Dealing with unknown attacks

We consider all unknown attacks as attacks. In standard solutions, errors can occur, and an unknown attack could count as a live person.

robot 1
robot 1

Ensembles and correctors

We help our customers to work with high accuracy detection rate without interruption. In the case of the new types of attacks, we install a corrector to the current solution, which quickly makes a decision and solves the problem without delaying the operations.

Get inspired by scenario customization use cases

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Success Story: PureLive brand

Oz Liveness with Emirates Face Recognition Engine
for Government Services EFR UAE


Project Outline

Liveness white label solution to be used by UAE financial organizations (over 100 million potential active users).



Сlient liveness detection and verification with the government database.



The end-user shoots liveness-video with PureLive SDK; the same SDK selects the best shot and sends it to the PureLive server for confirmation of liveness. If the liveness is confirmed, the shot is sent to the Government database for verification.


Solution selection history

Request for proposal released in May 2021 to eight solution providers from the USA, the UK, China, and Europe. Oz Liveness was tested based on passive liveness requirement with 0% successful attacks.


Current project’s timeline

We are privileged to be chosen as a single provider and branded for EFR UAE needs. Several banks are connected.

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