Authentication process

No more pin code, password, mother's maiden name, pet nickname and sms code.

Make easy the process of access recovery, transaction confirmation and account verification with biometric authentication.

There is the comparison of the client's selfie or his/her face in the video with a reference photo previously uploaded earlier.

Unlike the identification process, there is no need to take a photo of the ID document.

Authentication scheme

How it works

Make Liveness verification by following instructions


Best shot or small video from liveness will go the server


Our face recognition algorithm will conduct 1:n or 1:1 matching with existing photos or face patterns from the database and give response within 3 sec


Example usage step 1
Example usage step 2
Example usage step 3
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Transfer 3000$

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Withdrawal from
deposit 100 000$

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Make a secure client-side environment

To change / restore the password in the mobile application or the user's personal account is required to use a code from an SMS. The most fraudulent attacks occur on the end-user device.

Passwords and push-notifications are ineffective. Attackers can recognize them by posing as security personnel.

The client device may contain unsafe programs that steal information about passwords and verification codes. The client can use multiple devices to log into the application. It is important to be sure of the authenticity of client`s personality.

Biometric identification allows to create a secure client-side environment. The only correct confirmation for accessing the account is the client's face and no matter from what device the authorization is done.


Business value

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create a completely remote and reliable face recovery process

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reduce the cost of SMS-mailing with OTP

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reduce fraudulent transactions for high-risk transactions

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