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Juan Carlos Albarracín

Enhance Electronic Signature Security:
DOSTO S.A.'s Oz Forensics Biometric Partnership

DOSTO S.A. elevates efficiency by 90% with Oz Forensics' facial biometric solutions, revolutionizes identity verification, and serves 80% clients more.


Client Identity Authentication for for Electronic Signature Generation Process

Real-time Liveness Verification for Electronic Signature Generation Process

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Partner choice

Oz Biometry

face matching solution for identity verification.

Oz Liveness

a solution to prevent biometric attacks.



A remarkable 90% reduction in process time compared to manual methods.


A notable 80% increase in the number of served clients.

The partner noted:

  • Quick client verification and precise identity matching
  • Exceptional precision in extracting data from client identity documents
  • Dependable and trustworthy results
  • Highly efficient customer support

About Dosto S.A.

Dosto S.A. is a company in Ecuador that provides technological, legal, and accounting services. Over the years, it has delivered various technological solutions to businesses nationwide, primarily within its local domain. These solutions encompass electronic invoicing systems and electronic signatures. Dosto S.A.'s dedication to deliver top-notch services has established it as a trusted partner in Ecuador's business community, fostered growth, and enabled regional companies to embrace digital transformation.

Juan Carlos Albarracín

Juan Carlos Albarracín, the Manager of DOSTO S.A., stated,

Our products have undergone a significant enhancement in their quality, precisely address the diverse requirements of our valued clients. This remarkable improvement has been made possible, in large part, by the invaluable technological contributions and services provided by Oz Forensics.

Juan Carlos Albarracín

Manager of DOSTO S.A.

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