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Alejandro Juarez

Improving Security with Advanced Liveness Detection: The Success Story of RobleLabs and Oz Forensics

RobleLabs and Oz Forensics enhance Eurocapital credit process with biometrics and liveness detection for better security and efficiency


digital transformation in financial company

Eurocapital's credit process

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Partner choice

Oz Biometry

face matching solution for identity verification.

Oz Liveness

a solution to prevent attacks on biometrics. Both solutions are server-based.



commercial executives using partner’s Biometric POS.

30 000

documents per year signed electronically.


facial liveness verifications with Oz Forensics product just at the start of the project.

The partner noted: strong liveness solution, ISO-30107 compliance, exceptional user experience, easy-to-integrate, excellent vendor support.

About RobleLabs

RobleLabs, part of the IDGroup, is a Chilean technology company that started in 2018 with a biometrics fingerprint solution. In 2019, they expanded their offerings to include liveness and facial recognition for remote and digital channels, continuously improving their technology.

Alejandro Juarez

We're excited to install our Biometric POS device at a financial company, where it will be used by 26 Account Commercial Executives to verify the identity of each individual. Our solution utilizes a combination of biometric matching and card methods to ensure accuracy.

Upon successful verification, local laws allow for the electronic signing of various private documents.

Unfortunately, many times individuals have issues with their fingerprints, but that's where Oz Forensics comes in. With its advanced facial liveness detection and biometric comparison, Oz Forensics ensures a secure and reliable identity verification process.

Alejandro Juarez

CEO of RobleLabs, IDGroup, Chile.

How to prevent conversion losses and safeguard against identity fraud by using Oz Liveness

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