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OZ Livenessmodule

To confirm the face of a living person

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OZ Biometrymodule

Face biometry of video and photo identification

Platform architecture

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Simple integration

Oz Forensics has open APIs for automated banking systems

Visual reporting

All reports are provided in both graphic and text form

High precision

99,7% rate of positive results


You can use one or all modules as needed

Delivery options

We support access via the cloud, virtual machines and software installations


Our interface is easy to use and easy to learn

OZ Liveness >

Liveness application is the application for mobile online customer registration and authentication

Liveness application is the application for mobile online customer registration and authentication. Over 10,000 registrations per month is currently done for the financial sector.

  • Available with any mobile devices
  • Easy SDK for embedding Android / IOS / WEB
  • Time process - 3 seconds
  • Accuracy - above 99.5% (as measured on public "Spoofing in the Wild" dataset)

The algorithm is resistant to the following attacks:

  • Printed paper facial images
  • Video playback device screens
  • Substitution of images in the process of Liveness
  • Cut-out paper masks
  • Animated avatars and deepfake
  • Sleeping person

SDK Liveness for action control and video recording
Server and API Liveness for the cupture of the best shot and protect against biometry attacks

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Biometric identification

Developed by Oz Forensics specialists, the biometric module incorporates the latest practices in artificial intelligence and is consistently improved by continuous data enrichment.Face recognition algorithm from Oz Forensics achieved one of the best test results in accuracy on LFW dataset in University of Massachussets tests in 2020 MIT LFW. The Oz Biometry module allows to identify people with a speed of less than 1 second and with 99.87% accuracy

Since the beginning of the 2010s, every smartphone has a front camera, which makes facial biometrics a natural way for authentication. Face biometry can be used both in the registration process, and in the process of searching and authentication on large biometric databases.

Facial biometrics are used in the KYC process to compare selfie photos with photographs from documents, as well as to confirm the presence of a user in biometric “black” and “white” lists.

Oz Forensics Face Recogntion Algorithms allow:

  • Detect and highlight the best shot from the video;
  • Compare face from photo with face photo from ID;
  • Perform a search in the biometric database.


The tech performance:

Face recognition accuracy: 99,87%AI-based

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Photo or video taken with a web camera is compared with the photo in the passport scan OR with a photo and video database using key features

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Verdict: match or no match = 99,87% accuracy

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All products include:

modularized APIs

Flexible SDKs for iOS,
Android and web

Easy integration
using Docker

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