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Alejandro Juarez

Oz Liveness detection helps SURVIDEON SpA to achieve efficient and automate identity verification

SURVIDEON SpA, the KYC solutions provider implements Oz Liveness On-cloud solution to reduce the manual workload and provide customer satisfaction



Identity verification

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Oz Liveness

a solution to prevent biometric attacks.
On-cloud option.



25,000 facial liveness verifications with Oz Forensics product per month in 2023

The partner noted: high-quality fully automated liveness detection, manual workload reduction, improvement of efficiency, saving time and resources, excellence in customer satisfaction and support provision.


SURVIDEON SpA is a leading startup in providing advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions. The flagship product, My Global KYC, caters to businesses of all sizes across diverse industries, helping them comply with regulatory requirements and ensure a secure environment.

My Global KYC utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including Oz Liveness detection by Oz Forensics, to verify the identity of customers and detect potential risks.With a customer-centric approach, SURVIDEON SpA offers customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses.

SURVIDEON SpA helps organizations to stay ahead of the competition and gain the trust of their customers by providing accurate, efficient, and reliable KYC services.

Alejandro Juarez

Implementing Oz Liveness detection from Oz Forensics has been a game-changer for us. The SaaS solution has enabled us to streamline our identity verification process, reducing manual workload and improving efficiency.

We can now conduct 25,000 liveness verifications per month, which is a significant improvement from our previous manual process. What I like most about working with Oz Forensics are their customer-centric approach and excellent support.

Their platform offers fully automated liveness detection, which saves us time and resources. Thanks to Oz Forensics, we can provide our clients with accurate and reliable KYC solutions that help us to gain their trust.

Juan Manuel Cancino

Co-Founder of SURVIDEON SpA

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