On-device Liveness Detection and Face Biometry Checks
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On-device Liveness detection and face biometry checks

Use phone as a personal biometric device

As easy as taking a selfie

  • Fast analysis
  • No data transfer to the server
  • Excellence-security level
  • No Internet connection is required
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  • Access Control Systems

  • Transportation and logistics companies - verification of drivers, machine operators, and freight forwarders

  • Oil industry companies

  • Remote construction sites, countryside roadworks, forestry


  • Self-registration, Self-authentication

  • If you do not collect, store or process personal data

  • If you need to identify a person quickly regardless of network conditions such as a distant region, inside the buildings, underground, etc.



50% integration time saving. There is no need to implement a server part.


50% total project cost reduction.
No extra hardware costs. You don't need to buy and maintain a server.


Speed up customer journey to 1 second as there is no need in sending data to the server.


Easy to use. User-friendly interface.
No extra skills are needed.

On-device Liveness app available for Android

Before using the application please read Android or iOS demo application privacy policy

How it works

Server Liveness check:

The standard way to provide Biometric and Liveness checks is to take a selfie and video on the device and analyze them on a server that gives results back.



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Access is granted

On-Device Liveness:

On-device Liveness allows performing analyses directly on the device using photos or video.

No data is sent to the server from the device. The only requirement is to install the Oz Liveness on-device app.



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Access is granted

Identification Сustomer journey

Make Liveness verification by following the instructions


Our solutions will check all data and give you the response within 1 second


Frequently asked questions

I would like to know the API/SDK prices.

The pilot project is free of charge.

The cost of implementation in the production loop depends on the individual parameters of your project.

With our flexible licensing terms, you can easily find the right one for you. Get the price within one business day after filling the form here.

Can your solutions be purchased separately? For example, only a face anti-spoofing solution (Oz Liveness) or a face recognition solution (Oz Biometry)?

Yes, you can. Use one or more platform modules depending on the needs of your business.

I want to integrate your solution into my code. How can I get an API or SDK to test your solutions?

1. You can try one of the scenarios of our solution (from the user’s point of view) online right now in the web demo section.

2. You can get a personal account to test our solutions’ integration into your program code after an online meeting.

We will demonstrate our solutions according to your scenarios and answer your technical questions at the meeting. It will save you time spent on learning technologies.

After the meeting, we will send you the credentials for the demo stand, API, and SDK.

Please leave a request using your corporate email, and our manager will contact you to find a convenient time for a meeting.

3. If you are ready to test and have an application ID, please generate your free trial Mobile SDK license by completing the form.

How long is the trial license valid?

We provide a trial license for a pilot project for up to 2 months.

How to carry out PoC solutions in your infrastructure?

We will prepare distributions for your system configuration and provide trial licenses for up to 2 months.

Where can I find the documentation for your solutions?

Documentation for our solutions is located here: https://doc.ozforensics.com/oz-knowledge/

How long does it take to implement your solution?

With the cloud delivery option, the solution is ready to use. All that remains is to build it into your process.

The on-premise installation of the Oz Forensics platform on your server is completed within one day, and in general, it will take you about 1 hour. We will prepare a personal installer for your system configuration in advance – you need to run it.

The speed of implementing the solution into your workflow depends on the developers on your side. In our experience, this implementation takes no more than one week.

Do you provide technical support while testing your solution?

Yes, we are ready to arrange a chat for you with our technical support specialists to help you speed up the testing of our solution. We prefer to use the Slack app for these chats.

Technical support is free during the trial period.

Do you have a solution for recognizing document fields?

We are not developing a document recognition solution. We use a partner OCR service that is integrated through our API. You can use the service of any other vendor and integrate it yourself through our API.

We are an IDTech/IT company. We are looking for a partner in the Liveness solution.

We are always open to new opportunities for cooperation. We prefer to discuss the details in an online meeting.

Leave a request using your corporate email, and our manager will contact you to find a convenient time for a meeting.

What is Liveness Detection?

Liveness detection is a cutting-edge technology providing facial biometric authentication to ensure that the person accessing a device or system is a live human being, not a prerecorded video or photograph. To learn more

How to test the liveness detection solution?

To test Oz Forensics fast and reliable algorithms please download Oz Liveness Demo Application for Android

Try one of the scenarios of our solution online right now in the web demo section.

I would like to see all features of Oz Forensics solutions. For example, what is the difference between on-device and server-based solutions?

You can see all the available features on Pricing page.

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