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Oz Forensics provides modular software for verifying digital documents and photographs, conducting biometric identification and ensuring protection against digital fraud.


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Banking: credit applications
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Insurance: loss settlements
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Payment systems: authenticating customers online
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Micro financial transactions: processing and verifying digital documents from customers
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Fintech: remote client transactions


Our solution consists of several modules which can be implemented together or separately depending on your business needs.

Our core functional modules can:

  • conduct multi-faceted analyses of digital scans or photographs of documents such as passports, IDs, driver licenses, references and others
  • evaluate images from photo or video streams included in documents or existing databases using biometric facial algorithms
  • extract text from digital copies of passports and identify forgeries

At your request we are happy to initiate R&D on processing other types of documents or on modifying one of our modules for your specific business needs.

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OZ Livenessmodule

To confirm the face of a living person

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OZ Biometrymodule

Face biometry of video and photo identification

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OZ Textmodule

Verification of digital documents for authenticity

Platform architecture

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Simple integration

Oz Forensics has open APIs for automated banking systems

Visual reporting

All reports are provided in both graphic and text form

High precision

99,7% rate of positive results


You can use one or all modules as needed

Delivery options

We support access via the cloud, virtual machines and software installations


Our interface is easy to use and easy to learn