Oz Forensics: Liveness and Biometry Modules Overview

Oz Forensics specializes in liveness and face matching technologies, offering products designed to facilitate remote client identification and mitigate spoofing or deepfake attacks. Our software enables seamless integration of facial recognition capabilities into your systems and products, providing flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

  • Oz Liveness is designed to authenticate the presence of a living person in a received video. It effectively distinguishes between a genuine human and various forms of spoofing or deepfake attacks, including photos, videos, masks, and more. Certified according to the ISO-30137-3 standard by the NIST-accredited iBeta biometric test laboratory, Oz Liveness achieves 100% accuracy.
  • Oz Face Matching (Biometry) is geared towards verifying the identity of individuals, ensuring that the person undergoing verification matches the owner of the presented documents. This process involves scanning the video, identifying the clearest image of the individual, and comparing it with the photo from an ID or other document. Oz Biometry boasts an accuracy rate of 99.99%, validated by NIST FRVT.

Our software offers a harmonious blend of accuracy, integration simplicity, and user-friendliness. To facilitate integration, we provide comprehensive documentation outlining the key concepts of our system. For those ready to begin, our integration guides offer step-by-step instructions to swiftly and effortlessly achieve your facial recognition objectives.

This section of our website is a technical overview of our products. To find out more on how Oz product works, please refer to our Knowledge base.