Use OZ Forensics API. White paper.

Oz Forensics is a software platform that allows to verify digital documents and pictures, provide biometric identification and cybersecurity features.

The platform includes several modules that can be deployed in combination or as stand-alone solutions depending on the business need.

Oz Forensics main functional modules deliver a comprehensive analysis of digital scans/photos of passports, ID cards, driver licenses, certificates etc. and compare pictures retrieved from a photo/video stream with photos in existing IDs/databases with the use of face biometrics. Also, they support retrieving text from digital passport copies and verification of the genuineness of passport copies.

This white paper describes the use of the system with API, its basic functions, and methods.

System modulus:

  • OZ LivenessConfirmation that the video includes a face of a real living person (QUALITY analysis)
  • OZ BiometryBiometric identification by photo/video footage (BIOMETRY analysis)
  • OZ TextVerification of the genuineness of digital documents (DOCUMENTS analysis)
  • Oz Liveness
    Web-integration of OZ Liveness
  • OZ Mobile SDK
    for IOS\Android
    Integration of OZ Liveness
    with mobile devices