Description of primary system objects in JSON responses

Typical data structure describing a system object is used in JSON responses to requests submitted to the system. Below you will find an explanation of system objects.

Oz system object hierarchy

At the highest tier, there exists a Company. Utilizing a single instance of the Oz API allows interaction with multiple companies.

Moving down a level, we encounter Users. Within a company, there can be numerous users, each assigned various roles with distinct permissions. Further details on user roles can be found here.

When a user initiates an analysis request, a fresh folder is generated. This folder houses media files. A user has the capability to generate multiple folders, each capable of storing numerous media files. Analyses can be applied by a user to one or more media files within a folder, with guidelines for analysis allocation provided here. Additionally, specifications for media quality are outlined on a separate page.

Each system object has a set of defining parameters. We keep the information on them up-to-date in our technical documentation.