Access Model

We offer the role-based access to our system. In most cases, having the CLIENT role is enough to work with Oz products. The short description of the roles is below; for more details, please refer to our documentation for developers.

Roles of System Users

ADMIN: A system administrator who possesses unrestricted access to all system objects but lacks the capability to modify analysis statuses.

OPERATOR: A system operator holds the authority to view all system objects and make decisions on analysis results via the Make Decision button, typically necessary for statuses marked as OPERATOR_REQUIRED.

CLIENT: A regular consumer account holder is empowered to upload media files, process analyses, access results in personal folders, and generate analysis reports.

CLIENT ADMIN: A company administrator has the authority to manage their company account and its users. Additionally, CLIENT ADMIN can view and modify data for all users within their company, delete files from folders, add or remove report templates with or without attachments, manage reports and individual analyses, review statistics, and incorporate new blacklist collections. This role is exclusively available within the Web UI. Outside the Web UI, CLIENT ADMIN is replaced by the CLIENT role with the is_admin flag set to true.

CLIENT OPERATOR: Similar to an OPERATOR role within their respective company.