RobleLabs and Oz Forensics Liveness detection partnership
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07 March 2023 11:15 | News channel: Main
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RobleLabs and Oz Forensics Enhance Eurocapital’s Credit Process with Liveness Detection Biometrics



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Oz Forensics, a leading provider of biometrics technology, has announced its successful collaboration with RobleLabs, a Chilean technology company specializing in biometrics solutions, to improve biometrics solution for its client, Eurocapital.

Eurocapital, a financial company undergoing digital transformation, was facing a challenge with the extensive use of paper in its credit process, which involved over 12 different documents and hundreds of pages. RobleLabs chose Oz Forensics solutions, Oz Biometry – a face-matching solution for identity verification, and Oz Liveness – a solution that utilizes cutting-edge liveness detection technology to prevent biometrics attacks. Both solutions are server-based and are designed to provide a seamless experience for users.

RobleLabs chose Oz Forensics for ISO-30107 compliance, excellent user experience, ease of integration, and vendor support. The results of implementing the technology have been remarkable, with 26 commercial executives using the RobleLabs Biometric POS, over 30,000 documents signed electronically per year, and 5,000 Oz Forensics facial verifications.

The implementation of Oz Forensics technology has enabled Eurocapital to significantly improve its credit process and take a step forward in its digital transformation journey, all while ensuring the highest level of security through liveness detection.

“At RobleLabs, we installed our biometric POS device in the financial company to enable 26 commercial executives to verify the identity of each person using a biometric match-on-card method. However, many people had issues with their fingerprints, and that’s where Oz Forensics came in with their innovative facial liveness and biometric comparison solution. After successful identity verification, the local laws permit signing different kinds of private documents in digital form.” – affirms Alejandro Juarez, CEO of RobleLabs, IDGroup, Chile.

“We are thrilled to partner with RobleLabs to bring the cutting edge liveness detection technology to Eurocapital customers,” said Artem Gerasimov, CEO of Oz Forensics. “Our solutions provide secure and reliable biometric authentication, and we are proud to contribute to Eurocapital digital transformation journey.”

About RobleLabs:

RobleLabs is part of  IDGroup, and was founded in 2018 with a focus on biometric fingerprint solutions. Since 2019, the company has expanded its offerings to include liveness and facial recognition solutions for remote and digital channels.

About Oz Forensics:

Oz Forensics is a leading provider of biometrics liveness technology, offering innovative solutions that utilize cutting-edge liveness detection technology to enhance the security of biometric systems. With a focus on user experience, ease of integration, and vendor support, Oz Forensics aims to set the standard in the biometrics industry.

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