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Expert view: Liveness against new generation of biometric attacks

Webinar Highlights

  • Can a scammer hack biometric authentication?

  • Meet future biometric attacks - your big pain soon

  • Liveness solution must-have

  • Client acquisition vs. Risk

Do not miss

  • Demo of next-generation biometric attacks

  • How much does it cost to organize a biometric attack

  • Internal Oz Forensics statistics

  • Active vs. Passive Liveness trends

Learn from a Biometry expert

Serge Malgin

Serge Malgin

Biometry expert
Oz Forensics

20 years

20 years of experience in software industry Focusing on cyber security


Working with Global markets
since 2013

Get exclusive information about future biometric attacks to be informed ahead and other practical advice, useful tips and real use cases.

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