Oz Biometric Resolution services

System requirements

  • Any OS, supported by Docker, with Docker installed.
  • CPU: 6x cores
  • RAM: 12Gb
  • Disk: 3Gb

Machine will share 8500 and 8501 TCP/IP ports, please, setup your firewall rules.

System stability had experienced with RAM amount as multiply of 12Gb, and cores amount multiply of 6.


Login to Docker Hub

Obtain your personal docker hub token to login to private repository.

  docker login -u ozcustomer -p your_token_here docker.io

Download latest image

  docker pull ozforensics/oz-bio

Start service

  docker run -d --name oz-bio-tfss --restart unless-stopped \
  -p 8500:8500 -p 8501:8501 ozforensics/oz-bio

Test service accessibility

Open in your Internet browser