Oz Forensics launches the Technologies Alliance Community
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09 September 2022 17:32 | News channel: Main
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Oz Forensics launches the Technologies Alliance Community



  • New Partnership program available worldwide
  • Cutting-edge Liveness technology

September 9st, Dubai

Oz Forensics – a global leader in preventing biometric and deepfake fraud – launches today the “Technologies alliance community, a partnership program that will help companies to access biometrics technologies and increase their business quickly.

Joining the program means the usage of an iBeta Quality ISO 30107-3 certified Liveness technology with a Level 2 certificate with that guarantees a 100% detection accuracy result. The objective of Liveness products is to lower the risk of potential biometric frauds not allowing to pass any of them during the usage.  The algorithms are based on deep machine learning that runs worldwide more than 500.000 check per day and they can be us\d in a great variety of different use cases that can be adapted to the new community member business.

“The world is a challenging and evolving environment. Biometrics frauds are increasing daily, and we wanted to create a safe space where companies can easily integrate Liveness technologies into their business. The partnership program allows us to work closely with the tech community and speed up biometric digitalization. This program will offer from one side our ready-to-use Liveness technologies to all the companies that want to step forward into the future, and from the other side a trustworthy partner like Oz Forensics that already works in the major financial and tech sector across the world.”, affirms Artem Gerasimov, CEO of Oz Forensics.

The main advantages of the program include:  

  • Access to Oz Liveness algorithm: verifies the authenticity of a real person’s presence when taking a selfie and detects many of the most common biometric spoofing and deepfake attacks, such as 3D and 2D masks, photos, or videos on a smartphone or a laptop.
  • Quick start integration with NO additional cost: As easy as switching on the engine. Technical and sales support at any stage.
  • Ready-to-use demo stand/Developer’s sandbox: A tech spot for testing and pilot projects available 24/7
  • Flexible branding and customization: Dedicated interface with the adapted corporate style and necessary languages
  • ISO compliance: a VIP pass to clients` trust and contracts: Certified solution ISO-30107 Level 1 and 2 
  • Truly white-label solution: technology is 100% dedicated to the brand to enhance it.
  • Knowledge base: Quick access to the technical and sales documentation.

To join the partnership program check: https://ozforensics.com/partnership

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Svetlana Efimova, COO,   s.efimova@ozforensics.com