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16 January 2023 15:54 | News channel: Main
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Oz Forensics launches reseller program to help companies to become a regional leader in Liveness detection



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January 16th, Dubai

Oz Forensics has launched a partnership reseller program to help companies to become a regional leader in Liveness detection and help them to grow.

The key benefits include upselling on Liveness technology with any biometric solution, cross-selling together with any IT infrastructure products, obtaining technology expertise and learning the implementation process from highly experienced Oz Forensics biometry experts. Oz Liveness technology is confirmed for compliance to the ISO 30107-5 presentation attack detection standard Level 2 in testing by iBeta

Reseller Partner Program participants get margin based on annual performance, deal registration and protection, marketing support, partner manager, pre-sales support and join selling with Oz Forensics Sales professionals to grow the business and clientele.

“Oz Forensics’ Reseller Program is an exciting opportunity for businesses to become a part of the growing biometric security industry. With the increasing need for secure and reliable identity verification methods, liveness detection technology has become an essential tool for organizations across a wide range of industries, from financial services to healthcare and government.

Through the Reseller Program, partners can offer their clients a cutting-edge solution that can help combat biometric fraud while also providing a convenient and user-friendly customer journey. The technology uses sophisticated algorithms to detect signs of life, such as facial movements and blinking, to confirm that the person being verified is actually present, rather than a photograph or a recording.

With the Reseller Program, partners benefit from ongoing support, training and marketing materials, as well as access to exclusive sales and technical resources. This program is a great opportunity for businesses looking to expand their offering and stay competitive in the fast-paced, ever-evolving technology landscape.

Overall, Oz Forensics Reseller Program is a perfect opportunity for companies looking to offer customers secure and reliable identity verification methods and differentiate themselves in the market.”,  affirms Artem Gerasimov, CEO of Oz Forensics.

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