Oz Forensics expands its market in Latin America joining the forces with Mototech
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23 November 2022 11:22 | News channel: Main
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Oz Forensics expands its market in Latin America joining the forces with Mototech



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November 23d, Dubai

Oz Forensics – a global leader in preventing biometric and deepfake fraud – joins the forces with Mototech, a Technology Services and Consulting firm, to expand its market presence in Latin America starting this year.

Mototech provides leading-edge Big Data Analytics (BDA) and OnDemand Technology Services and Solutions, enabling public and private sectors wishing to grow sales and improve operational efficiencies via multiple IT improvements. Oz Forensics expertise and services will be added to Mototech offer, making available to all its clients, cutting-edge technologies like Liveness, both server based and on-device, and Biometry.

“We’re glad to announce this partnership with Mototech Group as part of our expansion plan. We have already announced this year the intention to move in the LATAM market and this represents a concrete step further in our business”, says Artem Gerasimov, CEO of Oz Forensics. “Biometric fraud prevention and real person identification are one of the main elements of our strategy and all our systems are ISO and IBETA NIST level 1 and 2 certified and able to recognize and distinguish a fake from a real person in a blink of an eye. This is a great addition to the services already provided by Mototech to its clients, concludes Gerasimov.

“We are happy to force our product line with expertise and biometric products of Oz Forensics. The cutting-edge technologies as Oz Liveness and Oz Biometry become available to all our clients to speed up their business with remote person identification within 1 sec by mitigating biometric fraud risks. We see a big value of implementing the solutions in the LatAm market and beyond. We deliver certified biometric solutions, high level technical support and deep tech expertise together with Oz Forensics to help our clients to take max value from the products “, – affirms Pablo A.Abdian CEO of Mototech group.

The future for both companies includes to increase the level of integration and partnership with even more facial recognition services with the aim to lower and prevent any potential biometric fraud.

Oz Forensics – Liveness Webinar de Partners América Latina on 14 Dec 2022


Mototech, a Top Cognitive Computing Company according to the latest Clutch Report, has been at the forefront of the AI industry with their amazing services and up-to-date technologies. Combining the use of cutting-edge technology with extensive experience in process optimization, Mototech’s team of engineers and data scientists develops solutions to boost companies’ productivity and competitive advantages by incorporating intelligence and cognitive solutions into the processes


Oz Forensics is a global leader in preventing biometric and deepfake fraud.

The flagship products, Oz Liveness and Oz Biometry, play a critical role in helping the world’s best organizations defeat biometric attacks and verify and onboard customers securely. Oz Forensics tools are crucial in supporting global enterprises and governments to mitigate fraud, meet compliance mandates and deliver outstanding service.

Its signature product, Oz Liveness, has been validated by the industry’s most rigorous compliance testing standard, ISO 30107-3 certification by iBeta Quality assurance, and received a Level 2 certificate.

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