Oz Forensics Enhances Customization Options for Web SDK Interface in Oz Liveness Detection and Oz Biometrics Software
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12 September 2023 17:33 | News channel: Main
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Oz Forensics Enhances Customization Options for Web SDK Interface in Oz Liveness Detection and Oz Biometrics Software


September, 12, Dubai

Oz Forensics, a leading innovator in biometric security solutions, is excited to announce the release of an enhanced version of its Web SDK interface, with advanced customization options as a part of Oz Liveness Detection and Oz Biometrics software. By introducing Web SDK 1.0.1, Oz Forensics takes a significant step forward in empowering businesses with comprehensive control over their user experience while bolstering anti-scam measures.

Anti-Scam Measures and Biometric Fraud Protection

A prominent feature of the upgraded Web SDK interface is the introduction of an innovative anti-scam measure, designed to combat biometric fraud and enhance security. When activated during video recording, a dynamic message can be displayed to users, reinforcing the legitimacy of their actions, such as “You are sending a loan application to XXX bank.” This additional layer of protection offers users more confidence in their interactions while deterring potential fraudulent activities.

Expanded Visual Customization

The enhanced customization capabilities of the Web SDK 1.0.1 offer a plethora of options for businesses to tailor the user interface to their unique brand identity and preferences. While previously enabling customization of elements like the color of the face frame and tooltip text, the new version goes above and beyond by providing extensive options for:

  • Font customization, including font type, color, and style

  • Background color modification

  • Button appearance enhancement, encompassing color, shape, and font customization

  • Toolbar settings adjustment

Various customization options empower businesses to seamlessly align the user experience with their corporate branding, ensuring a consistent and engaging user interface.

Exportable Customization Settings

Oz Forensics recognizes the importance of seamless transitions and scalability. The new customization options can be efficiently exported and allow businesses to replicate their tailored interface settings across multiple instances. This feature streamlines the process of deploying uniform branding and design choices across different applications, enhances efficiency, and maintains a cohesive user experience.

Artem Gerasimov, CEO of Oz Forensics, commented on the release: “At Oz Forensics, we are committed to stay at the forefront of biometric security technology. The enhancements to our Web SDK interface reflect our dedication to providing businesses with not only advanced security features but also the tools to create a user experience that resonates with their brand identity.”

The updated Web SDK interface is now available for integration and businesses can leverage the latest customization options and anti-scam measures to elevate their biometric security solutions.

For more information about Oz Forensics and its cutting-edge biometric security solutions, please visit https://ozforensics.com/ 

About Oz Forensics

Oz Forensics is a pioneering provider of biometric security solutions, dedicated to safeguarding digital interactions through innovative technology. With a focus on liveness detection and biometrics, Oz Forensics empowers businesses with tools to prevent biometric fraud and enhance security while providing a seamless user experience.

Press Contact:

Svetlana Efimova, COO,  s.efimova@ozforensics.com