Oz Forensics Attends World Financial Innovation Series - WFIS 2022
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16 August 2022 12:56 | News channel: Main
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Oz Forensics attends World Financial Innovation Series (Wfis) 2022 – Philippines



  • Expansion into the Philippines market
  • Panel: Liveness: Protect and lower the risk of biometric fraud
  • Partnership program

August 16, Manila

Oz Forensics – a global leader in preventing biometric and deepfake fraud – will be one of the main sponsors of the upcoming World Financial Innovation Series (WFIS) 2022 -Philippines, scheduled for 16 – 17 August 2022, at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila, Philippines. Oz Forensics will have a dedicated booth where business partners can meet the team and test with their ends all the lineup of products such as Liveness, Biometrics, and the brand new on-device Liveness. The team will also introduce the new Partnership program, where the attendees will discover the advantages of adding a fast and accurate liveness detection engine to their business.

During the event, Serge Malgin, Chief Commercial Officer, Oz Forensics, will host a panel called: LIVENESS: Protect and lower the risk of biometric fraud. Malgin will analyze the current and future landscape in biometrics attacks offering the audience the chance to understand better how Liveness technology can be part of their business strategy to increase protection and make biometrics integration smoother.

“The Philippines represents a strategic digital focussed market where we want to invest more. According to recent studies, almost 13% of the population owns a digital bank account, and the percentage of new potential accounts will jump to 33% by the end of 2027. Attending the first edition of the WFIS will offer us the chance to export our expertise to local entrepreneurs. Our panel will be focused on sharing our expertise around preventing and lowering the risk of biometric fraud. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we run more than 500.000 biometrics checks daily across 18 + countries. In the last year, 1% of the total checks was potential attack successfully solved. Considering that the Philippines has seen more than a 70% increase in demand for online loans, our specialized experience will be very profitable for the philippine’s companies and protect them from huge potential loss. We take our role seriously and always try to develop the best approach and custom experience for all our businesses. We cannot wait to work with all the Philippines companies that will attend the event”, affirms Svetlana Efimova COO of Oz Forensics.

Organizer and CEO of Tradepass, Sudhir Jena expressed, “With the Philippines rapidly adopting emerging digital technologies, the 10thedition of World Financial Innovation Series will acknowledge the many intricacies concerning the growth of innovations in FSI and empower the institutions with improved business function. Also, with the kind of participation already confirmed, the event for sure is going to enhance collaboration between the public and private sectors, all the while paving the way for financial inclusion in the Philippines.”

Oz Forensics attends WFIS 2022
Oz Forensics' speaker interview at the WFIS 2022

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