Eurasian Bank onboarded over 1 mln clients with Oz Liveness
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02 March 2023 12:00 | News channel: Main
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Oz Forensics and Eurasian Bank Successfully Onboard over 1 Million Clients in Kazakhstan with Liveness Technology Implementation



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March 2nd, Dubai

Oz Forensics, a global leader in biometric and deepfake fraud prevention, has partnered with Eurasian Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Kazakhstan. Through the partnership, Eurasian Bank has successfully onboarded over 1 million clients in Kazakhstan in 2022.

Eurasian Bank underwent a digital transformation in early 2021, adopting Oz Forensics latest biometric technology to simplify, speed up, and smooth the customer journey. The implementation of Oz Forensics technology has resulted in a reduction in the cost of credit and enhanced security measures for clients.

Artem Gerasimov, CEO of Oz Forensics, expressed his delight in becoming the primary partner of Eurasian Bank during its digitalization phase. “Eurasian Bank has recognized us as one of the key players in biometric fraud prevention and real person verification and decided to adopt our services. This trust has been rewarded with over 1 million successfully onboarded clients and resolved 0.5% of biometric attacks. We will continue to integrate even more services to increase the protection layer against future attacks, simplify the customer journey, and digitalize the services,” he said.

“Our online process for car loans, cash loans, consumer loans, and installment cards is both safe and fast. All you need to do is enter your IIN and phone number, pass a Liveness check, and we’ll retrieve the rest of your information from state databases.

Thanks to our implementation of Oz Forensics solutions, over 800,000 customers have already passed biometric authentication, resulting in a highly secure process. Additionally, our online processes have allowed us to reduce the cost of credit by 2.5%.

At our institution, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, and our online processes, coupled with the implementation of biometric solutions, help us do just that,” affirms Ivan Belokhvostikov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Eurasian bank.

The successful partnership between Eurasian Bank and Oz Forensics demonstrates the potential of digitalization and biometric technology implementation in Kazakhstan. In the coming years, the bank plans to increase its level of integration and partnership with more digital services, further lowering the risk of potential threats and keeping clients safe.

About Eurasian Bank

Eurasian Bank is a socially important commercial bank in Kazakhstan with over 28 years of experience. It is one of the ten largest banks in the country in terms of assets, occupies a leading position in the retail banking market, provides a wide range of services to corporate clients and SMEs, and belongs to the ecosystem of the ERG Group, one of the largest companies in the world in the field of mining and processing of mineral resources.

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