Oz Forensics & Bewor Tech: Enhancing Biometric Security
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05 June 2023 13:16 | News channel: Main
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Oz Forensics and Bewor Tech Collaborate to Enhance Digital Identity Solutions in Europe



  • Oz Liveness enhances biometric security 
  • Oz Forensics and Bewor Tech: A Successful Collaboration

June 5, Dubai

Oz Forensics, a vendor of advanced biometric solutions, has recently announced a successful collaboration with Bewor Tech, a top digital identity solutions provider with a strong presence across Europe. This partnership has enabled Bewor Tech to leverage Oz Forensics’ biometric solutions, Oz Liveness and Oz Biometry, to significantly enhance the security and reliability of their applications.

Liveness detection has become an essential feature in biometric security solutions, and Oz Forensics’ Liveness solution has met Bewor Tech needs perfectly.

“We were looking for a robust and trustworthy solution that offers liveness detection to handle biometric data obtained by our applications, and Oz Forensics could provide it matching all our requirements,” said Vicente Serrano, Co-founder of Bewor Tech. “Their quality solutions and their fast and accurate response to our needs made Oz Forensics the best partner on the market.”

Through the incorporation of Oz Forensics’ biometric solutions, Bewor Tech delivers secure and reliable digital identity solutions to organizations across Europe with positive results close to 100%.

“We are proud to have been able to provide our top-notch biometric solutions, including Oz Liveness, to Bewor Tech,” said Artem Gerasimov, CEO of Oz Forensics. “Our solutions are designed to meet the most stringent security requirements, and we are proud to help Bewor Tech to enhance their identity verification and security processes.”


About Bewor Tech

Bewor Tech is a leading digital identity solutions provider with operations all around Europe. The company’s solutions have been used by many organizations to enhance their security and identity verification processes.

About Oz Forensics

Oz Forensics is a global vendor of biometrics liveness technology, offering innovative solutions that utilize cutting-edge liveness detection technology to enhance the security of biometric systems. With a focus on user experience, ease of integration, and vendor support, Oz Forensics aims to set the standard in the biometrics industry.

Press Contact:

Svetlana Efimova, COO,   s.efimova@ozforensics.com