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11 April 2024 11:46 | News channel: Main
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Oz Biometry was marked as a high-performer biometric authentication software by customer reviews in the G2 global report


April 11, 2024 — Dubai, the UAE

Oz Forensics is a vendor of biometric fraud prevention software. Oz Biometry matches a client’s selfie with their photo from a document in less than one second with 99.99% accuracy (NIST FRVT 2021). Face recognition technology reduces risks of financial and reputational losses by creating a secure and trusted authentication process.

Oz Biometry was marked as a high performer in the Grid Spring 2024 Report for Biometric Authentication owing to the testimonials of real customers. The report of the largest and most trusted software marketplace compares over 160 biometric software based on the community’s reviews and aggregated data from open sources (details on the methodology).

Oz Biometry’s users highlighted several strengths in their reviews:

  • “High level of security”
  • “Biometric verification is automated, thus ruling out any human factor”
  • “Identification within seconds”
  • “Excellent support team with a direct chat with developers”
  • “Easy to use and easy to learn interface”
  • “Integrates with web, mobile apps”

Full reviews are available on the G2 site.

Artem Gerasimov, CEO of Oz Forensics, commented:

Oz Forensics maintains the highest accuracy of its biometric solution to streamline customers’ operations. Additionally, the user-friendly interface is crucial, as end-users should not face any challenges during security procedures.

The Oz Forensics team is thankful to the customers for their trust and high-value performance feedback. The combination of efficiency, fast technical support, and usability is the reason why Oz Biometry was repeatedly included in the G2 report. The team will continue to innovate the solutions to stay ahead of biometric threats and anticipate the customers’ needs”.


About Oz Forensics

Oz Forensics is an independent private vendor of robust, technology-based, and AI-powered liveness detection and face-matching solutions founded in 2017 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Oz Biometry is a biometric face recognition with the highest accuracy: 99.99% in NIST FRVT.

For more information, visit the website: ozforensics.com 


About G2

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