New Year 2023 greetings from Oz Forensics team!
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22 December 2022 10:34 | News channel: Main
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New Year 2023 greetings from Oz Forensics Team!


Thank you for being with Oz Forensics in 2022 and looking forward to new opportunities in the upcoming New Year 2023!

Oz Forensics Team clearly understands what kind of challenges you face in growing your business every year. Your goals are our high priority, and we are happy to be your great support in the next 2023.


Using Oz Forensics solutions you can become an industry leader by:

– providing  reliable and rapid biometric identification solutions with the most rigorous global testing standard and a perfect score

– speeding up your customers’ journey to 1 second by On-device Liveness even with bad internet connection and no data transfer

– adding  Oz Liveness engine to your best market offering and grow your clientele faster with  Partnership program 


We develop and improve our solutions and services for you, and will keep you updated about the news. 

We wish you health, success and prosperity! Happy New Year 2023!



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