1 sec verification to access any service at Freedom Finance Bank
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15 October 2021 14:56 | News channel: Main
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1 sec verification and you are all set to access any service at Freedom Finance Bank


Clients of the Freedom Finance group of companies in 1 second get access to financial services online using the Oz Liveness technology. The Freedom Finance group of companies, acting as a digital driver for the use of the latest technologies, has implemented the innovative Oz Liveness software from Oz Forensics to prevent biometric attacks.

With the transition to remote user identification, fraudsters actively focus on using different types of biometric and deepfake attacks all over the world. In particular, the “spoofing”, it is a demonstration of a photo or video of another person from a laptop, mobile phone or tablet to pass biometric identification for another person, in order to gain access to other people’s account, take out a loan or issue a counterfeit account. Biometric fraudsters can also use quality masks. The Oz Liveness solution can clearly determine whether there is a live person or a biometric attack has been made. The algorithms of the Liveness solution with an accuracy of 99.99% recognize the identity of a person or a fake when remotely identifying clients. Oz Liveness solution offers both a passive and an active option of interaction with the user. To pass Passive Liveness, the user only needs to look at the camera, for active – to perform the requested action. For the passive algorithm, a 1 second video is enough, which simplifies the transmission and processing speed of checks per second. It helps to keep the client conversion or even to increase, since no additional actions are required from the user. For the client, this is a fairly simple process that any user can handle, no special knowledge and skills are required.

“Freedom Finance Bank offers a wide range of services to its clients. We always focus on innovation and implement advanced solutions that allow us to automate processes, remove risks and offer new services to our clients, wherever they are. Fast remote access to online services and customer safety are important criteria for our business relationships with a customer. Oz Forensics’ solution was chosen precisely according to these criteria. ” – says Aidos Zhumagulov, Advisor to the Board of Directors Freedom Finance Bank.

More than 30 thousand clients of Freedom Finance Bank were verified using Oz Liveness in 3 months.

“Oz Liveness provides secure remote identification of more than 20 million people from Singapore to the Persian Gulf for financial institutions,” says Artem Gerasimov, Founder and CEO of Oz Forensics. – Oz Liveness has been tested on the ISO 30107-3 standard for preventing biometric attacks in the iBeta laboratory certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) – We provide the most reliable biometric solutions to protect the clients of the Freedom Finance Bank group of companies»

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