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Oz Liveness is a leading facial recognition and authentication software used by private and public organizations across the globe to lower the risk of biometric fraud by preventing deepfake and spoofing attacks with 100% accuracy, validated by the industry’s most rigorous testing standard, ISO 30107 certification.

  • Spur digital transformation: create a fully automated digital experience for your employees, clients, and partners by enabling flawless facial recognition from any device.
  • Combat fraud and reduce risks: adopt the award-winning human liveness verification algorithms.
  • Gain flexibility and save time with SaaS and on-premise one-day deployment.
  • Multiply your business by onboarding remote customers within one second.
  • Grow your business with increased customer conversion.
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Expert view: Liveness against new generation of biometric attacks

Meet future biometric attacks - your big pain soon


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Liveness detection

Oz Liveness protects against biometric attacks. Our Liveness algorithm allows to determine the face of a living person using high accurate certified algorithms and to withstand spoofing attacks.

Customers use our application to open accounts at any time of the day and under different conditions
We support all latter-day mobile and web devices and cameras
Easy to integrate IOS/Android and WEB SDK

Our Liveness algorithms resist all spoofing attacks including deepfakes, 3D masks and 3D heads

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Industry test scores:

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Face recognition

Biometric verification 1:1. Verification of the best shot from a video or selfie with a photo on ID.

Photo or video taken with a web camera is compared with the photo in the passport scan OR with a photo and video database using key features
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Verdict: match or no match = 99,99% accuracy

Industry test scores:



















Ivan Belokhvostikov

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at Eurasian Bank


«A car loan, a cash loan, a consumer loan, an installment card - everything is done remotely. It's safe and fast, you only need to enter IIN and phone number, pass Liveness check, we get the rest of the information from state databases. With the transfer of processes online and implementation of Oz Forensics solutions more than 800 thousand customers have passed biometrics, in addition, we were able to reduce the cost of credit by 2.5%»

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Ivan Belokhvostikov

Ruben Sagoyan

Head of Digital Business at Evocabank


«Thanks to the simple and highly accurate solutions of Oz Liveness and Oz Biometry, our bank attracted more than 40,000 clients from all regions of Armenia in a year. The rate of biometric fraud cases last year was 0.5%. None of the biometric attacks bypassed the system. Oz Forensics protection is directly related to reducing potential losses. Fraudsters try to bypass the biometric system when lending online, thereby increasing the risk of non-performing loans. The use of Oz Liveness technology makes this process not only safe, but also cost-effective»

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Ruben Sagoyan

Artem Tulenov

director of the information security department of Altyn Bank

Altyn Bank Logo

«The collaboration between Oz Forensics and Altyn-i was not just a pride for us but an example of the successful integration of the new technologies in banking business processes. It really allowed us to increase the efficiency of the online registration process significantly for new customers by increasing the accuracy and speed of implementation of procedures security on the side of the bank»

Artem Tulenov

Amyrkhan Chikanaev

Bereke Bank Managing Director for Retail Business Development

Bereke Bank Logo

«The updated remote authentication procedure helps to reduce risks and simplify the registration and account opening process, especially during the period of restrictions during the pandemic period. We selected Oz Forensics solution as the best one suited to our requirements for security, high accuracy in face recognition and simplicity of usage for the end user»

Amyrkhan Chikanaev

Juan Manuel Cancino

Co-Founder of SURVIDEON SpA

Lobal Logo

«Implementing Oz Liveness detection from Oz Forensics has been a game-changer for us. The SaaS solution has enabled us to streamline our identity verification process, reducing manual workload and improving efficiency. We can now conduct 25,000 liveness verifications per month, which is a significant improvement from our previous manual process. What I like most about working with Oz Forensics are their customer-centric approach and excellent support. Their platform offers fully automated liveness detection, which saves us time and resources. Thanks to Oz Forensics, we can provide our clients with accurate and reliable KYC solutions that help us to gain their trust»

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Juan Manuel Cancino

Aidos Bolatovich Zhumagulov

Advisor to the Board of Directors

Freedom Finance Bank Лого

«Freedom Finance Bank offers a wide range of services to its clients. We always strive to implement advanced solutions that allow us to automate processes, remove risks and offer new services to clients, wherever they are. Prompt provision of access to online services and customer safety are important criteria for business and business relationships with a customer. Oz Forensics' solution was selected based on these criteria»

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Aidos Bolatovich Zhumagulov

Alejandro Juarez

CEO of RobleLabs, IDGroup, Chile

Roblelabs Logo

«We're excited to install our Biometric POS device at a financial company, where it will be used by 26 Account Commercial Executives to verify the identity of each individual. Our solution utilizes a combination of biometric matching and card methods to ensure accuracy. Upon successful verification, local laws allow for the electronic signing of various private documents. Unfortunately, many times individuals have issues with their fingerprints, but that's where Oz Forensics comes in. With its advanced facial liveness detection and biometric comparison, Oz Forensics ensures a secure and reliable identity verification process»

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Alejandro Juarez


Swift логотип

Swift innotribe challenge 1-st place

Finnovex Awards логотип

Excellence in Biometric Solution Award
at the FINNOVEX Qatar

All products include:

modularized APIs

Flexible SDKs for iOS,
Android and web

Easy integration
using Docker

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