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Our licenses

Licensing Oz Forensics solutions is flexible and is based on:

  • Length of use: all licenses are 1 year, time limited and non-exclusive
  • Numbers of files or objects (in packages): the larger the package the less you pay per transaction
  • Functionality: number of modules included
  • Number of transactions: biometrics = number of customers processed; documents and photos = each item processed
  • Server license
  • User licenses for administrators and security officers

Why Oz Forensics

  • Lower amounts of bad loans in the banking and micro finance sectors 
  • Reduce risks of fraud during remote user authentication
  • Decrease company expenses
  • Automate remote user authentication
  • Automate verification of digital copies of documents

Our pricing:

You can acquire Oz Forensics solutions directly from us or from an official partner. Delivery options include:

  • Portable storage media or other hardware 
  • A cloud-based license
  • Internet-based subscriptions or online access
  • PACK
  • One-time verification

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